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THI, Inc. collaborates with innovators in the healthcare industry to help them grow revenue and profits using data to demonstrate superior clinical outcomes and lower costs.

About Us

THI, Inc. is a team of experienced healthcare practitioners, administrators, entrepreneurs, technology developers, and financial experts whose Goal is to bring value to the patient experience. We do this by collaborating with our clients to build products, protocols, and systems of care delivery that improve patient outcomes and lowers costs. THI, Inc. has worked with numerous clients to position their current medical device or product for improved reimbursement through innovative, and sometimes disruptive business models. THI’s objective for each collaboration is to prepare our client for continuous revenue growth through value based payer contracts. THI enjoys many U.S. and international relationships with health care insurers and policy makers. Increasingly, we are helping our clients to develop payer contracts, through comparative technology studies and physician licensure, in value based bundles for chronic disease management.


What We Do

Since its inception in 1992, THI, Inc. has focused its efforts on the development of new and unique, technologically based solutions for the management of disease states in community health environments. We draw upon the skills, resources, and relationships of experienced healthcare executives, clinicians, and other professionals to assist in the creation of processes and devices that improve patient outcomes while reducing related costs…and we extensively document every aspect of this process.

Our Model

We constantly seek the lowest cost, and most comfortable environment for the patient, while providing improved services and clinical results. This model continues to produce successful introductions into the healthcare marketplace for our customers and their clients alike. We are continually searching for new challenges and opportunities – What can we do to help you?


Why Choose Us

Today almost every adult in the United States understands that the health care industry will continue to be in turmoil for years to come. Patients ask, "Will I be able to afford my medical care?" Providers ask, "How is payment reform going to impact my income?” Companies ask, “How are we going to get paid for our new medical devices under value based pricing schemes?"

Successful commercialization of health care products and services within this rapidly evolving social and regulatory environment is more challenging than it has ever been. But it is not impossible, if the forces driving rapid change in our health care economy are understood. THI’s experienced team understands these forces and is ready to help you design, and implement a winning business model.

THI, Inc. has assisted every type of health care stakeholder since 1992. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience has prepared us to help you dominate your market by providing value to the customer. Please call us! We’ll set a time to understand your goals and objectives, and explore what we can do together to help you achieve them.


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